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Considerate after-sales service

Communication is the best way to solve the problem, we will strive to do the best !

After-sales service hours: Monday to Saturday at 8 PM to 5 PM

After-sales service: any product quality problems, support the return, warranty

Other: training and testing installation, customized solutions all can contact our after-sales responsible officer

Our service commitment: patience, carefulness, quick action

Patience: always be patient in your service,A hundred questions do not annoy, a hundred answers do not tire

Carefulness: serve customers meticulously and thoughtfully, never miss a question, never miss a detail

Move fast: in the process of service, Help customers solve problems as quickly as possible

After-sales guarantee:

1.The procurement of raw materials, production and manufacturing processes and other links are strictly controlled in accordance with the ISO quality system certification standards, to ensure that each process is in a state of quality control, so as to ensure the quality of products.
2.All products are in strict accordance with the test in the 100% inspection procedures, to ensure a finished product especially qualified rate 99.5%, product sampling percent of pass is 99.8%

2.Provide all users with updated technology, better quality and better service.We not only ensure that we provide each customer security locks is fully qualified high-quality products, and we will be positive to cooperate,Support your work.

No suretyship undertaking shall be given under any of the following circumstances

1. The product is not installed correctly

2. The ambient temperature exceeds the range of instructions

3. Broken or man-made damage

4. Other faults or damages not caused by the product itself

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